gKiosk, The self-serve bill print kiosk for municipalities!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Citizens enter their house number,
  2. Select their property,
  3.  And print their bill.

They are done in seconds!

gKiosk was developed as a solution to assist our municipal clients in offering their citizens a method of printing their bills that was simple to use and fast.

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It works for Tax Bills, Utility Bills, and Special Assessments.  They can print their bill before coming to your counter, saving you time. Graphical bill designs with bar codes are easy to read and distinguish from other bills eliminating mistakes.

An admin interface allows you to select from customizable themes, choose configuration values, update database connections and even edit the design of the bills!

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"The kiosk has been a great addition for the City of Saginaw. My staff loves the convenience of all customers always having a bill and the customers seem to like it too. I am definitely seeing fewer misapplied payments, which I believe is attributed to the ease of use of the new kiosk.

This is a great product, which I will highly recommend!"

Heather Pozenel
City Treasurer
City of Saginaw, Michigan


Kiosks are available in a variety of configurations, including free-standing pedestal models.

For more information, call your account manager at 989-498-4534 or contact sales @ nsoit.com.

  • When citizens forget to bring their bills, they can conveniently print them in seconds...
  • ...without holding up the line or being turned away, keeping everybody happy! :)
  • Introducing gKiosk, the self-serve bill print kiosk for municipalities.
  • Our touch screen kiosk software is simple and fast. It is bilingual and ADA compliant.
  • Customers enter their house number, select their property, and print their bill. Easy as 1-2-3!
  • The kiosk, built tough to last, is available in counter or pedestal versions with other options.
  • Check out our video below for a real time example.